Are Online Reviews Important?

Yes. Consensus is that – good, bad, wordy or brief – reviews serve you well.

Here’s the unsurprising reality: people search online for stuff. Why? Because they value their time and their money and don’t want to waste either. Whether they are buying or browsing, reward them with information. As one of the top pieces of content to draw attention to your brand, reviews can help do that. Use them to your advantage.

Reviews help people find your business online.

If good fortune favors you (and you have a well-built website, smart SEO strategy and crafty agency partner), they might find your website at the top of search results. Whether someone is searching for your business to find out how to get there or they know what they’re looking for and hope to identify some options, reviews (either on your website or on local search directories) are likely to pop up in their search results. 

Reviews help distinguish your brand.

Search results provide answers to people’s questions. Reviews can often refine those answers in more detail and, unlike an algorithm, put a human name and face to the voice providing that answer. 

Reviews demonstrate a commitment to transparency.

Sure, negative reviews aren’t ideal, as no one likes to be called out in front of everybody. A commitment to transparency, though, demonstrates that you are making an effort to be honest with customers.

Reviews empower customers to improve your business.

Reviews provide valuable insight into your past, present and future customer relationships. They can be the finger on the scale that encourages people to make a purchase decision. They can validate your experimental business initiatives. Even negative customer feedback provides useful input, especially if you show that you appreciate reviews in every shade.

Customers are your brand evangelists and your most important critics. Read their reviews. Listen to what they say. Interact with them online. Promoting conversation about your brand is one of the best ways you can promote your brand.

[This is Part 1 of our series on Reviews. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon.]

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