Catholic Schools of Nashville

Brand Identity & Marketing Plan

When the Diocese of Nashville hired the Burgundy Group, the number of students enrolled in several of the Catholic schools in the Diocese had dropped recently, and the Diocese wanted to a firm that could help increase enrollment and raise awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. 

We conducted 24  focus groups at parishes and schools in the Nashville area along with a region-wide multi-tiered survey. With that research, we developed and implemented a marketing plan that included a new logo and tagline, a variety of new creative pieces, digital outreach and a revamped website that reached all of our target audiences. Also, through our public relations efforts, the superintendent of the Schools Office became a regular contributor to The Tennessean, the largest state-wide newspaper. Thanks to the efforts of the Burgundy Group, the Catholic Schools Office is now a recognized asset in the community and enrollment at all schools has increased.

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